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We operate a privacy policy that enables us to deal with our products via web browser and mobile devices through the company’s website called ifxhome Products.

To achieve this, there are essential notice points where we explain how or why we collect your information, share and use it. Thirdly, we also consider our user’s online privacy. Therefore, it is advisable to read our Privacy policy carefully and prior to using the our Ifxhome product, just like any other business decision.

Downloading of Ifxhome may just be used to adopt the user Privacy policy. Your use of Ifxhome Product is considered as an acceptance of the terms stated in this Privacy Policy.

However, if you do not agree with these terms and conditions, due to copyright do not enter a website and do not download, install and using Good Bots Product or Service of any kind. What Information Do We Collect?

Non-Personal Information is also defined as the data collected without individual identifying information. Examples include the information made accessible or gathered through the users’ interaction with Ifxhome product with or without the use of the Android Accessibility Service where applicable. Non-personal information is such type of information that we do not know and cannot identify its origination.

Internet Protocol address: However, it should be noted that while internet protocol address might be considered “personal data” by some jurisdictions, we instantly and irrevocably delete and hash the last section of the internet protocol address that will prevent any further disclosure of its data to the device.

Non-Personal Information collected through your use of the mobile app:

User agent;

The type of OS used by the phone, its model, whether it is rooted or not, the screen size and telecom code.

Device browser type (e.g., Safari, Chrome).

Every web connection made by any installed application of the device.

List of installed apps along with the information like app name, app ID, installation date, update date, version, whether it’s a system app or not and whether it’s pinned. It is important to mention that we do not receive information originating within installed applications but only compiled data about application usage itself.

History browsing information like URLs/domains visited, bookmarks etc., whether history is from sync or local. Also, the relevant dates, times and visit durations.

Non-personal information (where you reside – the country you live in is provided, but never an ongoing data location): We can only do so under circumstances mentioned below License: You hereby agree that you have read, understood, and agreed to the terms of use statement provided above.

We do not collect any personal information directly from you except for any information that voluntary might be transmitted to us when you choose send us a message like an e-mail address, phone number, your name or other pieces of information which can be easily associated with the mentioned personally identifiable pieces of data.

Additionally, we may determine users’ interest in Ifxhome products using non-personal information, generalized information regarding users’ browsing behavior.

How is the Data Shared?

Moreover, we keep all the personal information about you to ourselves and don’t even provide it to our partners or third parties. We may disclose information you submitted if we have a good faith belief that disclosure of such information is reasonably necessary:

including ensuring its compliance to any applicable law, regulation, legal process of governmental request.

Investigate possible breaches of (ii) our policies (contained in our policies, and so on).

(iii) look into illegitimate acts including fraud and security lapses.

(iv) for the establishment or exercise of our right to resist legal proceedings.

(5) to stop hurt for you and your right, property or security our clients and third parties.

(vi) collaboration with law enforcement authorities; or as we may find appropriate for protection of intellectual property rights or other legal interests.

And also because of the fact that, (i) to create and improve services.

Internally for use within the Company in conducting business and marketing analysis as well as improving your experience.

III – Company would use this aggregated data for its own data analysis services and/or with our partners. Personal Information when combined with Non-personal information will still be considered personal for as long as it will continue in the same form.

Cookies and Third-Party Tools

The website Ifxhome ( and product help us to track you. A Cookie is just a small piece of text, a file stored within your browser directory when browsing a site. The use of cookies is common, and they are used for different reasons like making it possible for you to move easily from one page to another, auto-activation of several options, maintaining your choices and interactions with us be easy and rapid. They also use cookies in order to improve the customization of user experience as well. For more information on cookies visit

Our website may use third-party tools (e.g. or https: Specifically, advertisements in or external content (e.g. Third-parties can also place Cookies on your device that may capture and store Personal Information concerning you. The third-party Cookies gather data regarding when people use our site, what pages they visit, and how frequently. More info about third party Cookies should be directed to the appropriate third party.

For those purposes, we also use information provided by third-parties, e.g. Google Analytics for our legitimate interest in advertising or optimizing Ifxhome Product and service. However, we never merge data acquired via third party tools with any personal information obtained about yourselves. You can delete Cookies by using the preference settings provided by your device.

We ensure that our cookies do not grant us any access to, or inspection of any other information in your device. Setting your web browser to notify you when Cookies are set might be one option for you if you would like such notifications.

These collected cookie, will send information to the main binary website such as

What are our measures for keeping your data safe?

Finally, we put all possible efforts into using security measures and modern encryption techniques in order to handle any confidential information such as user data. Sadly, there are no guarantees for the security of data transmissions over the Internet or Wireless networks. As a result, while we strive to protect your information, you acknowledge that: First, the security and privacy provisions that the Internet provide are beyond our control. Second, the security, integrity and confidentiality of any and all information or data that passes through the Ifxhome Products cannot be assured at a hundred percentage assurance.

The collected information from users are very confidential and these info, will never share with other users, websites or any active/passive entity at all for any purposes.


The information that collected through Pocket Option Robot in storage, relate to the main setting of this program and has no more usage.

Active Tab

To ensure that whether the user is available in the pocket option website or not, it uses active tab.


To read active tab and to find out that whether the user is in personnel cabin, or not?


The Ifxhome product cannot be used by children who are under the age of 18. We will also destroy any information that is provided by a user who is below age 18 years old.


The Privacy Policy may be modified at any time without notice to you, and your continued use of this site following such modification constitutes consent to such change. The “Last modified” heading will show the last revision date. The continued use of the Ifxhome Product after the amendments are notified in our website signifies your consent to be part of those changes on privacy policy when the processing of personal details is based on a consent (as explained above).


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